AD3000 - PikStik TeleStik

SKU: AD3000

TeleStik AD3000 Features a soft, smaller-handled grip and our extraordinary washable adhesive disk. Conveniently placed behind the adhesive disk you will find a small handy hook.

AD3000 weighs only 2.3 ounces/0.145lbs!

  The stainless steel telescoping arm extends from a compact 7.25” to an impressive 34”.

  AD3000 features our remarkably versatile UltraStik adhesive disk.

 The Ultrastik adhesive disk is washable and lifts most items up to one pound.

Replacement adhesive disks are also available.

UPC CODE: 774081276165

OVERALL LENGTH: 7.25"-34""


 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -