We Set the Standards

This is not just a slogan, it is a motto that Ullman Devices has lived by for the past 83 years. Ullman Devices has always been headquartered in the US and produced a variety of specialty tools that have been a staple in toolboxes across the nation.

We set standards to use as guidelines when we are working towards creating and innovating a new product. Every day, our engineering and product development teams look to meet the needs and demands within the industry. Who will be using our tools, what do they need them for, where will they be using them, and ultimately, how can we make work more efficient.

Ullman Devices has maintained our position within the industry by realizing the needs of trade professionals before they even know they have them.


 It all started with a hair dryer…

Ullman Devices has a history of over 83 years manufacturing a quality line of professional specialty tools and other manufactured goods. The Company was founded in 1935 by Robert Ullman in its original factory in Manhattan, a borough of New York City. At that time, the Company primarily manufactured stand-up bonnet type hair dryer from this location.

Around 1940, the Company launched a new product line focused on designing and manufacturing specialty hand tools.

The Ullman Devices founder, Robert Ullman, invented the first inspection mirror while watching an aircraft mechanic use a crude mirror to view the inner workings of an engine. From that point on, Ullman Devices has expanded to include magnetic pick-up tools, flexible spring claws, screw starters, rotating magnetic work lights, carbide scribers, hooks, picks, socket holders and various other specialty tools.

Yet, the innovation did not stop there. The Ullman team has since invested in more innovative and patented products and devices that have increased the capability of Ullman’s tools without much increase to cost, like the POWERCAP.


In January 2017, Ullman Devices was acquired by Saunders Midwest, however all manufacturing and customer service has remained in Connecticut.

Further still, Ullman is constantly looking to extend our line into other industries- blending multiple technologies to assist trade professionals in their lines of work.


1935: The company was founded by Robert Ullman in New York City. At this time, the company primarily manufactured bonnet hair dryers

1940: The company launched a new product line focused on designing and manufacturing specialty hand tools. The first tool was the C-Master inspection mirror, which is still an active tool, known as the C-2 Inspection Mirror.

1956: The hair dryer business was sold to Bonat Hair Products. The company shifted all of its efforts on manufacturing a quality line of hand tools.

1959: Ullman Devices moved to its current headquarters, location in Ridgefield, CT.

1980s: Ullman Devices put a Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnet into the 15X pocket magnet pick-up tool. At the time, the standard magnet used in pick-up tools was the Alnico V magnet. This changed the lifting power from 6 oz. to 1-1/2 lbs. (Standard set!)

1996: Ullman Devices invented/patented the POWERCAP®. This is a metal sleeve that slips over the magnet and increases the power of the magnet and shields the sides of the magnet from attaching to unwanted ferrous metal surfaces.

2008: Ullman Devices invented/patented the LED Lighted Inspection Mirror. This item has LED lights at the top of the mirror head. It allows techs to use just one hand to illuminate and identify a problem, which quickens repair time.

2010: Ullman Devices invented/patented the LED Rotating Magnetic Work Light. This light bridged a work light with a high-quality flashlight. The sturdy aluminum housing holds multiple high intensity LED lights. With a rotating head to adjust lighting to needed angles and a strong magnetic base- this product attaches to any metal surface and provides high powered lighting to work areas in seconds.

2017: Ullman Devices was acquired by Saunders Midwest LLC and is focused on launching time-saving devices for the professional.